Wednesday, April 18, 2012

04.17.2012 Dragonboat Team Runs

So this past winter we started a new Dragon boat running group.  Why on earth would we run in addition to all the things we do?  It helps with our endurance apparently.  So as some of you know, i broke my foot back in November and attempted a team run back in March and it was sort of successful, except for the fact that my foot was sore for a week after -- oops?  Recently, i decided that i needed to get gait tested and since I was picking up compression socks from  Charm City Run after the fiance did the Cherry blossom race 2 weeks ago I decided while i was there I might as well get gait tested.

Now gait testing is not a fast process, first you get sized for shoes (it helps if you already know your size-- which i did) and then we did a walk test.  Basically, I walked from one end of the store to the other and the sales associate watched me walk as to figure out how i tread.  She basically told me that the running shoes i was using (Asics Gel Nimbus) were not the right shoes for me because I pronate -- and i needed a shoe that would correct that.  Plus apparently  i have lower arches than normal so those shoes wouldnt be really good for both reasons.  So we ended up trying on 5+ different shoes, each time, getting back on the treadmill and getting video taped.  5 shoes, at least 10-15 mins per shoe, you do the math -- not a fast process.  I ended up narrowing it down to 2 different shoes a different style of Asics (Kayanos) or a pair of Saucony.  I felt that the Asics didnt have weird padding on the bottom which the Saucony did(and apparently this is what happens -- you find a brand and the padding is similar so you gravitate towards those shoes naturally) so I ended up buying the Kayanos.  But, because they are different (they correct my foot treading) I cant wear them on longer runs yet -- just short distances, which is clearly not a 50 minute run, so I decided to wear what my feet have been use to -- the Nimbus.  Clearly, that was a good idea since I ended up running 4.5+ miles yesterday in 50 mins, not my 10 min/mile pace but I did walk a bit on the run back from the inner harbor so that probably added more time.  But, this week I'm going to start running with the Kayanos a bit, probably break them in slowly -- by adding them to my daily run (which i'm suppose to be doing, but really failing at right now).  If i run 1 mile/day in them they should be broken in soon, right?

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