Sunday, April 1, 2012

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"So cold at the national mall waitin for cherry blossom 10 miler to finish #cherryblossomrace"

So while the fiance and friends ran the cherry blossom race that I ended up not signing up for back in December because of the broken foot.. i knitted, read a bit, stared out into the cloudy cold sky... I started this project because I have quiet a few friends/co-workers that recently announced their pregnancy.. so i figured i should knit them baby blankets.  But first I needed to learn how to knit the blankets, and figure out which pattern to choose, etc!  So this was a really easy pattern that I found on ravlery--and since this required circle needles, and I dont own a pair I had to obtain a pair.  The pattern uses the Lion brand Pound of love yarn which i found to be too scratchy, so i picked the Lion brand Vanna label but dont quite like the texture either.   So its probably back to the drawing board for yarns but I do like the pattern and will be using it.    Here its about maybe 1/8 done (so about 20 stitches on this row?)  I have to go to about 209 stitches.. so hopefully I will have this done before my friend comes down in May.  AND have a color yarn picked out since she's not told me if its a boy or girl...

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