Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dragonboat Practice 04.18.2012

Learning to steer-- such a joy, or is it more of a headache?  I started this last year (2011) and am progressing along, however since i started close to the end of the season, am not very good at it yet.. but apparently I am good enough to start steering regular practice (rather than the Thurs AM practices, which routinely have 10 or less people show up).  Last week was my first steering session of the season, which was really informative.  I realized (yet again), that:
  • I cant steer really well yet
  • I cant wear shoes -- my arches hurt if i am wearing the keens
  • I can steer and not hit anything
  • getting out of the slip is hard, so is getting back in
well the good news is it was rainy and thus one of the more experienced steerers decided to take us out and behind the barge that was dredging the Baltimore harbor.. so i got to paddle.. the bad news is we went out to paddle and now i'm sore.

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