Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dragonboat practice 04.02.2012

Yesterday (04.02.2012) was the first race practice on the water.  Firstly-- its in the upper 40s to lower 60s in MD right now.  The water temperature is not much better -- having been cold all winter and all.  So, you would think with it being the first race practice of the season we would have it easier.. hrms but wait!  all of us have been working out together in the gym so of course all of us are fit enough to be killed on our first official race day practice, right?  It doesnt matter that the water temperature is probably 32F, nor that there is gusting winds that makes the cold water that was splashed on you even colder... nope.  So yep, for about an hour i was out in the cold Baltimore Harbor paddling my heart out. 

We started the practice off with a bit of a warm-up on land - squats, lung twists, suicide runs (or burpies), a bit of stretching -- this was about 5-10 mins and then we were off!  There were 14 paddlers yesterday so we just took 1 boat out with a coach sitting in the drummers chair  and a steersmen.  So I guess we had 16 people show up for practice.  We paddled out towards Little Havannas (Baltimore Museum of Industry) going up in intensity so starting at 50% power to 100 % power till we got a bit past Domino's Sugar.  Then we came back around doing drills and such (such as odds/evens, rotation drills, paddle exit drills, power drills, etc)  Then we switched strokes and did some more fun intensity drills going from 25% to 100%, start stroke (power) drills.  Then we switched strokes to Ada and myself for the last 20 mins of paddle..  with more fun start stroke drills, paddle exit drills and such.. then we had a fast cool-down paddle (ramping down from 100% to 25%)

Quick stretching and we were off to the locker room.. to shower and get warm

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