Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sole of the City 10k

Some while ago, back in February, I saw a foot race (running) that was being advertised in the city as an inaugural race and it was only a 10k!  Well within what i felt i could be running at-- I am notorious for wanting to do races and then realizing a week prior to the race that I'm not up for it because of yet another injury or aggravating some injury.  The race premium (one of the 2 reasons that i like to do the races--the other being the finisher medal) was a under armour 1/4 zip escape light weight jacket.  Nice, right?  So I tried to sign up a week before the race closed to no avail -- online signups were completely full.  I ended up driving to Charm City Run to sign up in person the day it closed (per the advice of one of my dragon boat team mates).  Well the day has come, time to run the race and i've run 2x prior to the race (oops!) but i've also made it to 4.5 miles each time i've run so I can run this race and know I will be ok to finish -- it may not be pretty and I may be hurting tomorrow, but I CAN run this race.. and I WILL finish.

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