Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Race Practice 04.16.2012

Well, yesterday's temperature was a blamy 86 F at about what noon?  So we had a great day for dragon boat practice.  We started the afternoon/evening out with some fun warmups that included:
  • suicide runs (i did burpees instead-- on account of not wanting to run in keens)
  • squats - 30?
  • oblique planks?  (the ones with pushups in between)- 20 each side
  • dips - 20
  • oblique reverse lunges
Then we went out on the water for about an hour -- close to 1 full boat of people showed up which is nice so early in the season.  First we did about 10 mins of paddling warmup which consisted of 50-75-100% intensity drills up and down the cove.   Then we worked on some rotation drills -- which apparently i still cant do right *whines*  i keep going up and down not front and back and i cant feel myself doing it which is part of the problem.  We did some fun pyramids (100% for 30 strokes, 10 strokes of rest repeat x6) not quite sure how this is a pyramid i guess but its more of a intensity drill *shrug* it was billed as a pyramid.   We repeated that drill quite a bit ( i believe 4 instances at differing intensities just for fun)  Then we practiced some start pulls to get the boat up and basically "surfing" above the wake.  I still need to work on feathering because the poor coach that was sitting in front of me was splashed SO much :(  So i guess at some point probably this weekend i'll go to the boat and practice early in the wee hours of the AM before practice so that i can get the stroke better.. and maybe actually right for once?

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