Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pelle Journal - won from Gourmet Pens

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"@gourmetpens yay! Thanks for the extras"
Gourmet Pens had a giveaway recently and I was trying to win this through hypnosis.  Imagine my surprise when I checked her blog/twitter feed and realized I had won.  Apparently she started laughing hysterically when she picked my name because I was being silly and had tried to hypnotize her over twitter.  She shipped the package to me Thurs, and I got the package today.  All wrapped up in bubble wrap with a post card apologizing for her cat's use of the plastic wrap on the outside wrapper of the Pelle Journal.  Apparently cats are attracted to the plastic wrapping and totally destroyed it.. oops :)  Also in the package was a nice note and 2 Hi-Tec-C pens that i've been wishing to try.   Thanks!  Too bad I'm currently house cleaning and getting the house ready for all my house guests else, i would sit down and play with pretty paper and pens.. :/

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Azizah said...

Aww you shared a pic! Yaay :) Sorry about the cats... so embarrassing. The culprit was Koa!!

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