Monday, April 16, 2012

Dragon Boat Races

So part of being the race committee is to register for the races that we do every year and then coordinate the race schedule etc.  So this is what Baltimore is signed up for currently:
  • DC Dragonboat Festival, May 19-20 (Washington, DC): BCS team only
  • Independence Regatta, June 2 (Philadelphia, PA): 1 mixed team
  • Baltimore DB Challenge June 23 (Tide Point, Baltimore, MD): we're hosting.. i'm probably on chase boat
  • Fingerlakes Int'l Dragonboat, SUP, OC festival, July 14-15 (Ithaca, NY): 1 mixed team
  • DC National Harbor DB Festival, August 25 (Washington, DC -- really PG County but whatever): 1 mixed
  • Mercer County Dragon boat Festival, Sept 19? (Princeton, NJ): 1 mixed
  • Philadelphia Int'l Dragonboat Festival, October 6? (Philadelphia, PA): 2 mixed teams, 1 womens
only problem is, i've yet to really register for Fingerlakes, National Harbor races because they are not accepting online payments so i've done the prelim work but still have to get our treasurer to submit the check.... 

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